Our Mission


Our Mission

Our mission is to continue T.J.’s dream by strengthening our communities through inspiration and empowerment of our youth. Our children are our future and we can do this by ensuring that they have the support and resources needed to achieve immediate and life changing success. Children learn what they live, and the For TJ Foundation is working to create an environment that “lives” the love and support of one another.



Bill Prendergast

Bigelow Middle School Newton, MA

Lex came to my school and spoke to my affinity group for boys of color. There is no way to THANK him enough. I wish I could put into words the impact he had on my students. His positive approach and relatability had students engaged and focused throughout the entire presentation.

Lex spoke to the boys about the many obstacles they had overcome in their own lives. He detailed the keys to finding success in today’s world. Lex spoke about hard work not being easy and how being young men of color meant that they faced challenges that many others have not.

Lex explained that when he was in middle school he was not focused on academics as much as he should have been. Lex challenged my students to make academics their everyday priority, and assured them that their teachers are their allies, not their enemies.

The look of inspiration on my students’ faces that day was something I will never forget. If you are looking for someone to speak to your students, Lex is your guy! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these boys.


Lisa Warsharfsky

Principal SJP Catholic Academy

When you think about the power of #commUNITY and relationships, there is no better way to embrace these virtues by providing opportunities for our young people. These experiences allow students to express themselves, reflect, and take the time to grow based on targeted feedback and encouragement.

Lex who grew up in Roxbury, was able to provide a platform for Lower Mills middle school students to discuss their hopes and dreams, adversities they may have faced and how to overcome them, the importance of prayer,- as well as the urgency to remain grounded in your successes and to always remember to give back to your community. This opportunity allowed a safe space within our school to transform conversations into deep goal setting and the beginning pathways to arrive there. Our students are deeply aware that they have an ally in Lex moving forward if they need support or guidance. We know that we are #BetterTogether.

We are eternally thankful for our continued partnership with Lex and the For TJ Foundation.