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For T.J. Foundation (For T.J.) was created in loving memory of Terrance “T.J.” Yancey III. T.J. was a serial entrepreneur who started two successful businesses in car detailing and shoe resale. His enthusiasm and infectious personality made everyone he came into contact with believe all things were possible. He lived his life with a fierce determination to make this world a brighter one for all who were in it, especially our children. In 2015, at the age of 26, T.J. lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident in Tampa, FL. Now, his family and friends carry on his name & legacy through this organization. Our organization, like T.J., knows that children are our future and therefore we work to ensure they have the support and resources needed to be successful and pursue their dreams, especially entrepreneurial endeavors.


For T.J. Foundation’s mission is to strengthen our communities by inspiring and empowering our youth. Children learn what they live and For T.J. is working to create an environment that “lives” the love and support of one another. We believe that everyday is an opportunity to be better. It is our job as adults and mentors to empower youth to achieve their best over time, and not just in the moment. At For T.J. Foundation, we aim to equip youth with the knowledge, skills, and habits they need to be successful, adaptable, and healthy in all facets of their lives.


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Who We Serve

For T.J. Foundation supports youth in the Boston Metropolitan Area. By partnering with schools and local nonprofits including Boston Public Schools, Dorchester YMCA, Newton Public Schools, The BASE, Watertown Public Schools, METCO program, West End House Boys & Girls club, and Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy we aim to support low-income students, students of color, first generation college students, with programming that offers mentorship, community engagement, and support navigating pathways to private school for economically disadvantaged students.

A Vision for Boston

Boston Public Schools (BPS) is a Title I school district where 63% of the district’s families are economically disadvantaged, a number that has increased from 58.3% in 2020, much of which can be attributed to the pandemic. The table on the right shows the Boston Public Schools Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity (2020-21). Our organization aims to build an ideally located community center in Boston that will bring together partners to provide education, entrepreneurship, and enrichment opportunities that inspire youth to first discover and then pursue their dreams. On the path we have developed three (3) core programs with plans to implement two (2) new programs in the next 2 years. These five (5) programs are outlined on the next page.



Our programs are at the heart of what we do
At For Tj, we aim to inspire youth to overcome life’s challenges and adversity they may face. We do this by organizing and running numerous programs, pairing the fun, challenge, and experience of learning with our core values that cross over into everyday life. From there we partner with local youth agencies and our programs act as an extension of their own, at no cost to the youth.

Community Resource Drives and Fairs

For T.J. engages community through resource fairs that feature community giveaways, resource tabling with local nonprofit partners, and opportunities to meet and engage with local community leaders around their child’s education and the needs of their family and community. Past initiatives include:

  • Providing over 40 pairs of slippers to 20 families living in 2 different shelters in partnership with The Second Step in Newton, MA.
  • Donated 100 pairs of sneakers to children living in homeless shelters throughout Boston in partnership with New Balance.
  • For T.J. Foundation donated 120 Little Big Dreamers books to students in Watertown Public Schools.
Boys Mentorship Programs

For T.J. runs a school day boys mentorship program currently working with 40 middle school students at Bigelow Middle School in Newton, MA and Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy in Dorchester, MA.

For T.J. works with students on a weekly basis, collaborating with classroom teachers to discuss what challenges they are facing and determine topics and themes for each session aimed to meet those needs. We provide a safe environment for students to engage in social emotional learning and navigate conflicts and challenges that arise at school.

Little Big Dreamers

Little Big Dreamers is a children’s book written by founder Lex Mongo. This book talks about the importance of how dreams give power to an individual’s ability to see and develop opportunities for themselves and others. By learning what it takes for dreams to become reality, and creating an environment where we dream big together as a community, we can grow together into something great. The book teaches that no matter what someone might look like or where they’ve come from, each person has unlimited potential and ability to fulfill their dreams with self-belief. The proceeds of sales from Little Big Dreamers goes towards supporting For T.J Foundation’s initiatives and programming.

Out of School Curriculum and Programs

For T.J. Foundation offers a curriculum for Elementary and Middle School students. This 8-week curriculum can be offered as a school day, afterschool, or summer program offering and includes themes around social emotional learning (SEL), financial literacy, and navigating transitions. This curriculum will be piloted as a school day program in January at Mattahunt elementary school.

For T.J. will soon offer a high school curriculum which, in addition to SEL and financial literacy, will include topics such as ‘Adulting 101’ that specifically explores post-high school transitions.

Future Programs

Out of School Time Programs

For T.J. Foundation is navigating partnerships to provide after school and summer enrichment programs. Programs include project based learning, internships, entrepreneurship, and mentorship with a specific focus on social emotional learning, financial literacy, and life skills. Our long term goal is to open a community center in Boston that supports elementary, middle, and high school students and brings together partners from across the city.

Future Programs

Scholarship Fund

For T.J. Foundation will establish a scholarship fund and pathway for low income students to access private education and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. We will fund:

  • Expenses for students who attend private schools to cover costs that are not covered by other tuition scholarships.
  • Basic startup expenses for students interested in starting a business.